How do Rosh and Jesus show leadership qualities in The Bronze Bow?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rosh and Jesus show leadership qualities in entirely different ways. Rosh leads by the power of his reputation and by giving orders. Jesus, on the other hand, leads through his example of love.

The difference between the two men's leadership styles is exemplified by this quote:

"Rosh looked at a man and saw a thing to be used, like a tool or a weapon. Jesus looked and saw a child of God."

Men are drawn to Rosh because he is a charismatic figure, and his prowess is legendary. He is allegedly forming a band of warriors to drive the hated Romans out of the land, and fighters flock to him because they share the same desire, that their land shall be free. Rosh is a poor leader, though, because he has no feeling for the men in his band. Rosh leads by commanding his men, and by plotting strategically to meet his ends, such as when he used Joel as a spy in Caparnum. The problem with Rosh is, he really cares more about himself and his agenda than he does about his men and the Cause, and as time passes, people see through his charade and turn against him.

Jesus, on the other hand, preaches a message of love, and leads by example. He travels the country, healing the sick and those broken in body and spirit. Jesus has come

"to preach good news to the proclaim release to the set at liberty those who are oppressed."

To the frustration of many who are waiting for a leader who will form an army to secure their liberation from the Romans, Jesus preaches about an inner freedom, and communicates a message of kindness and love, even towards those who are sworn enemies; even towards the Romans themselves. Men are not sure why they are drawn to Jesus, but drawn they are, because his words are true. Jesus leads through the power of the Spirit, reaching out in charity to touch men's hearts.