How do Rosalind and Celia set an example of perfect friendship?

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Shakespeare's As You Like It, Rosalind and Celia have the perfect friendship because they are loyal to each other, they respect each other, and they don't let pettiness get in the way. First, the two cousins are loyal because they stay with each other even though Rosalind and her father are cast out of the kingdom. Rosalind could have gone with her father, but she chose to stay with Celia for as long as she could. Once Rosalind is exiled, Celia goes with her rather than stay at home with her father Duke Frederick. Celia certainly proves her loyalty and love for Rosalind by her actions, but she adequately expresses them, too, by saying:

"You know my father hath no child but I, nor none is like to have; and, truly, when he dies thou shalt be his heir: for what he hath taken away from thy father perforce, I will render in affection: by mine honour, I will; and when I breakĀ  that oath, let me turn monster; therefore, my sweet Rose, my dear Rose, be merry"(I.ii.13-18).

Here Celia says that she would gladly share and even give Rosalind her inheritance if it would make her "merry." She proclaims her vows of loyalty and then follows through during the whole play as she remains by Rosalind's side. Rosalind also shows love and loyalty to Celia as they run off to the forest together and plan to take care of one another forever.

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