How do Romeo and Juliet get along with their parents as far as love life? I would like to know how their relationship is with their parents . Can they talk about anything?  Are the parents comforting?

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As a parent and a teacher of teenagers of this age, I would have to say that Romeo and Juliet have a pretty typical relationship with their parents, to a certain extent.  For this time period, they are, for the most part, obedient children, up to their meeting and the time they "fell in love."  Their love was something that neither trusted to their parents, and they only shared with each other,the Nurse and Friar Laurence.  It appears, as is evidenced from the text, that they had every good reason not to trust their parents, not only due to the deadly feud between the families, but, especially in Juliet's case, the fierce attitude with which the Capulets pursued her marriage to Paris.  They are so anxious for this union that Lady Capulet even says "I would the fool were married to her grave,"  which is the equivalent to wishing her dead.  Therefore, I guess it is saffe to say that they did not get along that well with their parents as far as their love lives were concerned, and their parents were of little comfort to them.  

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Very differently from what might be seen as a contemporary ideal. By that I mean, Montague knows his son Romeo has upset about something early in the play, but Romeo won't talk to him. Late in the play Lady Montague dies of grief from losing her son. We know, then, that Romeo's parents care for him, but no, there is no sense that he can (or will) talk to him.

The Capulet situation is similar. Lord Capulet loves his daughter, and resists marrying her to Paris at first because she's so young, and so dear to him. Lady Capulet does talk with Juliet about marriage, but marriage with Paris. Lord Capulet sees Romeo behaving himself well at the party, and so is willing to not attack him, but in general, the distance between parents and child is extreme, largely due to the feud between families.

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