How do I recover deleted iTunes SD movie purchases? Hello Friends,I was told that I could delete iTunes purchases from my mac hard drive because they still existed (somewhere) in iTunes. So, I deleted the SD versions of a couple of movies to save space. Then I decided I wanted to put the movies on my iPad: ooops! Now I want to recover the SD versions but can't find them in my iTunes account and when I go to the movie page in the iTunes store it doesn't say "downloaded" or anything like that. Do I need to delete the HD versions & re-download the purchase? Will I be recharged?Thanks In AdvanceSteven Arnold

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I just looked at my own iTunes account. All of my movies purchased appear in the "Movies" section at the top left column. I can also find them in my "Downloaded" section. If you do not delete them from the site itself, you should still be able to access them via the iTunes site. If you did delete them from the iTunes site, then (I am sorry), they wold be gone. I have never had to repurchase anything, so I am unsure if you would be charged again.

I wold suggest emailing/calling iTunes with your question. I would hope they have a record of your purchases and could reinstate the movies.

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