Why can I only read partial essays on certain sites devoted to helping students cheat on homework?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many sites claim to offer "free" essays for students who are trying to cheat their way through school by downloading work rather than writing it themselves. These sites will sometimes put full essays up for view -- which can easily be detected by plagiarism software -- but more often put up partial essays so that the student must pay for the privilege of submitting someone else's work for a course. These teasers are intended to lure potential buyers to the site by simultaneously advertising wares and making them unusable in the advertised form. Since posting genuinely free essays limits revenue to advertising, most sites are more interested in selling you already written essays or enticing you to pay even larger sums of money for custom written essays. The problem with using such sites is not only limited to the dangers of (1) downloading malware and (2) getting caught, but ebven more important, even if you have no moral qualms about cheating, is (3) that you do not learn anything by doing this and do not build a foundation of skills usable in future academic endeavours or a career.