In the short story, "The Most Dangerous Game", how do Rainsford's views on hunting animals change when he becomes General Zaroff's prey?   hunters and hunted  

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In the short story, "The Most Dangerous Game",  Rainsford is a big game hunter who falls off a yacht and lands on General Zaroff's island.  He and Zaroff have a discussion about the hunting of prey and the challenge hunting represents.  When Rainsford becomes Zaroff's prey in a hunting game where humans are killed as game animals, Rainsford uses all his skills as a hunter to elude Zaroff.  Despite killing the servant Ivan and one of the dogs in his traps for which he shows no remorse, Rainsford realizes that Zaroff is toying with him to prolong the game.  He is horrified to learn that all his skill is not enough to truly outwit Zaroff.  Finally, he surprises Zaroff in his bedroom that night, and though Zaroff is willing to end the game, Rainsford is not and kills Zaroff, sleeping in the General's bed that night.  Rainsford has now killed in cold blood instead of calling the authorities, he has enjoyed killing the general, he has not set the other captive prey free, and makes no move to change anything.  Rainsford is terrified when he is the prey, but now as the victor, maybe he will become the new General Zaroff who hunted humans.  The author lets the reader enjoy the violence and suspense, and perhaps this suggests that Rainsford did also as he is no longer prey.  

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