In "The Most Dangerous Game", how do Rainsford's experiences as a hunter help him on the island?

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lizbv eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because of his vast experience as a hunter, Rainsford knows exactly what to do to prolong the hunt for the three days duration that General Zaroff has designated.  His knowledge of the process of hunting has taught Rainsford how to find and follow his prey's tracks.  Therefore, Rainsford knows exactly what NOT to do when trying to hide and knows how to cover up his tracks and throw off General Zaroff; this is exactly what Zaroff had hoped for and it is what makes Rainsford such a worthy opponent.  Furthermore, Rainsford knows how to set up many exotic and obscure traps, enabling him to act on the offense as well as he defense.  This is especially helpful to him when Zaroff sets off with his dogs; Rainsford's traps is able to stop the dogs who have picked up his scent and are hot on his pursuit.  Though it is his experience that gets him into this ordeal to begin with, ironically it is also his experience that assists him in overcoming the situation.

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