How do race and proverty relate?

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In one sense, this is an easy question to answer.  Race and poverty are related in that African Americans and Hispanics have higher rates of poverty than Whites and Asians (Asian levels are slightly above those of Whites).  In this sense, race and poverty are related.

In another sense, it is harder to answer this. How do race and poverty affect one another in our minds?  Americans typically see poverty as a problem of non-whites.  When politicians talk about the poor, they often seem to be referring mainly to non-white poor people.  Does race help cause poverty?  This is a very controversial issue.  Some people feel that poverty is actually caused by racial discrimination.  Others argue that discrimination is simply an excuse used by racial minorities to explain away their poverty.

So, on the one hand, there is a clear connection between race and poverty.  However, it is harder to know for sure how the two affect one another.

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Race and poverty are link by humanities lack of ability to see beyond this concept. The greater issue is that people believe it is human nature to dislike or distrust those that are different. Oppression is a form of social control based on self centered ideas and fear.

Social evolution of group dynamic shows us that under the right condition when people have a shared interest or fate, such as solider at war, within the social raging setting of race relations are challenged and often changes with time.

Poverty is the step child of race and linked to disparate at of negative but also positive behavioral acts.

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