How do I put the graph |y|=x (absolute value of y equals x) into a TI-83 calculator??

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Graph |y|=x.

This is not a function so you will not be able to enter it directly into the y= screen of the TI-83. You will have to break it into two different functions.

|y|=x ==> x=-y for y<0 and x=y for y>0. Note that the domain is `x>=0` since the left side is nonnegative.

So graph y=x for `x>=0` and y=-x for `x>=0` .

(To get the domain restriction, in the y= screen type:



To get the expression in parantheses, first open a paranthesis then x then  hit 2nd math (test) and select #4.

Your graph should look like this:

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