How do the purpose of tentacles and arms of a squid differ?

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Squids have four pairs of arms and a pair of tentacles. The tentacles are longer than the arms. The tentacles perform the function of grabbing prey and holding on to it. There are hooks on the arms as well as the tentacles of squids but the ones on the tentacles can swivel while those on the arm cannot. These help squids hold on to their prey better while the prey tries to escpe. Suckers are present on both the arms as well as the tentacles of squids, though the ones on the arms are bigger.

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Yes, indeed the tentacles of a squid can be used for reproduction. Tentacles are longer than arms. Arms are generally used for grasping objects.

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Arms of a squid are usually used to capture prey and other feeding and locomotion purposes (they move by squirting water out through their siphons and moving their arms and tentacles). Also, the arms of the squid are a bit shorter then the tentacles. My bio professor also said that the tentacles of a squid can also be used in reproduction.