How do the poets Nichols and Yeats use language and structure to express their feelings about their islands?

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Grace Nichols uses language to show how the "island man" is stuck in the every day life of London, yet dreams each night about escaping to his island life.  In fact, she doesn't use any punctuation at all.  Some sentences are long, some are short.  But none have any periods or commas.  She does this perhaps to parallel the non-ending sentences to the island man's non-ending life of working in London, yet longing to be in the Caribbean.

In Yeats' poem, the Isle of Innisfree is a place for escape from his everyday life.  He longs to escape to a cabin and enjoy nature.  This poem is very similar to Nichol's poem in that it's about escaping the urban life.  Both poems deal with the cold concrete of the city.  Nichols calls it the "gray metallic soar" refering to the traffic passing on the street, while Yeats says he is standing "On the pavements gray."  Both use cold, drab colors to describe the city and beautiful scenery to describe their islands.

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