Frankenstein Questions and Answers
by Mary Shelley

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As seen in Frankenstein, how do Plutarch's Lives, Goethe's Sorrows of Werter, and Milton's Paradise Lost influence the creature?

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After Victor has abandoned his creature, the creature spends some time observing the DeLacey family and learning language from them. Once he has done so, he is able to read Plutarch's LivesThe Sorrows of Werther, and Paradise Lost, along with Victor's journal, in which the creature reads about his creation and Victor's feelings of horror at his work. Each of these texts has an impact on the creature and helps form his characteristics and motives.

Plutarch's Lives is a text about great figures of the ancient world. This teaches the creature what makes a man significant and what honorable qualities are valued by the society around him. Remember that the creature has had no education from his creator and is left alone to discover what he can about the world into which he has been thrust. The creature aspires to these heights he reads about in the Lives, and as we can see from his narration, he is not inherently evil and does want to be good.

The Sorrows of Werther  is a sentimental novel,...

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