What is the plot development for Yuri Pavlovich's story "Autumn in the Oak Woods"?In terms of rising action, climax, etc.

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The plot inciting action in "Autumn in the Oak woods" is that the hero is readying things for the arrival of his girlfriend who will decide whether or not to leave the city and join the hero in the country. When she arrives at the dock on the nightboat, the conflict is introduced, which is a variation of Man against Nature, as she must decide her place in relation to the nature that surrounds her.

Rising actions occur while the hero explains things about country life to her and shows her events and signs of country life, like the signs of a fox having captured a chicken. They awaken in the morning to a blanket of the autumn's first snow fall, which gives her a clean slate to write her decision upon and which foreshadows her eventual choice for a fresh, clean start away from her home in the city.

The climax occurs when the nightboat comes again and it is time for her to choose whether to embark and return to the city or stay with the hero and build a new life based on new understandings of her relationship to the world there in the country. The falling action and resolution occur when the nightboat leaves without her and she and the hero both understand that she has chosen to paint her life on a clean canvas of newly fallen snow.