In Animal Farm, how do the pigs treat the other animals?

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At the beginning of the novella, the pigs take the initiative to expand upon Old Major's ideas and develop a system of thought referred to as Animalism, which promotes solidarity and comradery among all animals. The pigs also attempt to educate the other animals by teaching them how to read and write while simultaneously instructing them on the principles of Animalism. After the animals successfully expel Mr. Jones from the farm, Snowball creates several animal committees and encourages all of the animals to have a say in their democratic government. However, the pigs begin enjoying certain privileges that the other animals do not have access to and refrain from engaging in manual labor. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when Napoleon usurps power by driving Snowball from the farm. Under Napoleon's tyrannical reign, the pigs on the farm are considered upper class and lord over the other animals. They make every political decision, enjoy the best amenities and products the farm has to offer, sleep in the farmhouse, drink alcohol, refrain from manual labor, and are the only animals afforded an education. By the end of the novella, the pigs enjoy their privileged lives as they oppress and discriminate against the other animals on the farm.

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At first, the pigs seem to participate in the farm with the other animals, keeping to Old Major's view of pure animal equality. However, as time goes on, the pigs discover the fun and comfort of human habits such as beds and alcohol; they alter the rules of Animalism to allow themselves comforts while denying them to the other animals. When Napoleon makes his power-grab, he becomes directly violent, killing other animals both in paranoia and as examples to keep the others from rebelling. At the end of the novel, the pigs have set themselves up as surrogate humans, walking on two legs and using whips; the other animals, without a leader to incite new rebellion, find themselves more oppressed under the pigs than they ever were under Farmer Jones.

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