How do people travel?   When are they allowed to travel? The Giver

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Besides the people who were appointed to have contact with the outside world, sometimes the schoolchildren from the Community are permitted to visit surrounding villages, but these occasions are rare. Jonas ' sister Lily, for example, mentions having had a dispute with one of the children from another school, apparently part of a "field trip" to the Community. That evening she discusses the confrontation during the family's 'sharing feelings' time and ends up feeling a bit ashamed...

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In the book "The Giver" the only modes of transportation that I have read about has been by bicycle.  The other only mention I could find was that the hills were all made level so that transportation would be easier.  The book talks about the community establishing climate control to make growing for easier. (Section discussing this issue can be found on pg.85)

Reading further in the book Jonas makes his escape with Gabriel.  He uses a bike for transportation.( Section discussing this issue can be found on pg. 163)  There is also a mention of planes flying over head, but there is no evidence to support them doing any more than surveillance.

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