How do people send messages to family, friends or others?

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People send messages to others in various ways.  There is the old-fashioned method of communication. This includes face-to-face conversations, writing notes and letters, and talking on the phone. With advances in technology, communication has changed.  People send messages by texts, email, or fax.  Messages can also be sent through social media sites such as Facebook. There has been a significant change in how people communicate with others.

There are other ways people can send messages.  Nonverbal communication is very powerful. Some people say it is more powerful than the spoken word.  Raising an eyebrow, crossing your arms, making a face, or putting your hands on your hips are some ways to send messages nonverbally to other people.  People can also send messages by their actions. Ignoring somebody or shutting down communication can send a message of anger or disapproval. Hugging somebody may send a message of friendship.  Whom a person invites or doesn’t invite to an event also sends a message.

There are many ways messages can be sent in today’s world. Some are old-fashioned while others are new and modern.

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