How do the people in the bottom react to Sula's death?

Expert Answers
renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The people in the bottom react to Sula's death the way they reacted to her in life. The bottom people usually gather when someone has died, but they do not gather when Nel announces Sula's death. This is especially telling of their dislike when you consider that they gathered for the local prostitutes death.

This is a typical pattern of isolation with regards to Sula. When she returned from college, no one gathered to welcome her back. Of course, this is not just the community's fault. Sula has never been the warmest person or the easiest to know. Sula's actions, such as putting her grandmother in a home, have always caused her to be an outcast.

zumba96 | Student

People in the Bottom do not react to Sula's death as much as Nel does when she realizes who she really was missing. Sula was an outcast in society and when she came back from college, a similar view greeted her. When her death was announced people gathered but did not do much because they believed she was not that good from the start. 

shanyia09 | Student

People in the bottom react to Sula's death as if it is a national holiday. But soon come to realizre that she was not thereason for so many of their troubles, they did all of it themselves. Yeah she did sleep with alot of the men in the bottom, but my question is why was she accounted for all of it? why wasn't the man accountable for his actions as well?