How do patterns of knowing in nursing emerge from this movie?

Patterns of knowing in nursing emerge from this movie by the ways that Vivian and Susie interact. Contrasted with Vivian's doctors, Susie is compassionate and empathetic towards Vivian's suffering. By using emotional intelligence and observation, Susie asks questions at the right time and in the right tone. For Vivian, an emotion-based approach to patient care is better than a clinical and academic one.

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In the movie version of the play “Wit,” patterns of knowing in nursing emerge through nurse Susie Monahan’s interactions with Vivian. Throughout their shared scenes, Susie observes, listens, and asks questions to learn what Vivian feels and needs, both physically and emotionally. These patterns of knowing demonstrate Susie’s emotional intelligence in her nurse-patient bond with Vivian.

During their initial meeting, Susie reenters the exam room to find Vivian on the table, her feet up in stirrups for a pelvic exam. Immediately understanding and knowing that Vivian would feel embarrassed and vulnerable, Susie asks clinical fellow Dr. Jason Posner incredulously, “What is this? Why did you leave her—?” Throughout the pelvic exam, Susie keeps her eye on Vivian’s face to watch for signs of any discomfort and then observes her gasp as Jason roughly pulls his hand out of her. Dr. Posner is oblivious to his own ineptitude, but Susie knows that the pelvic exam was both painful and...

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