How do other people in the town feel about how Atticus is raising his children in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

UNCLE JACK.  Jack obviously feels that his brother is much better prepared for parenting, since he comes to Atticus to discuss his spanking of Scout in Chapter 9.
AUNT ALEXANDRA.  Alexandra thinks Atticus has done a poor job raising the children, especially the unladylike Scout. Her decision to move to Maycomb to live with the family is based on this opinion.
COUSIN FRANCIS.  Francis agrees with everything his grandmother, Alexandra, says.
.  The town gossip thinks that Scout will never become a lady with Atticus serving as a single father.
MRS. DUBOSE.  She believes Atticus lets his children "run wild."
MR. AVERY.  He calls Jem and Scout "bad children."
MISS CAROLINE.  She thinks Atticus "does not know how to teach."
MISS MAUDIE.  Maudie generally supports Atticus in every way, and she seems to approve of his parenting skills.

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