How do the Nazi's portray the Jews?i know the answer to my question but I just want a answer that is very strong and intelligent. thank you

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It seems the most successfull lie of the Nazi's was to portray the Jews as the enemy.  Propoganda posters and videos (especially those shown to the HJ - "Hitler Youth") showed Jews as liars and cheaters who were both money and power hungry.

The most pervasive message was one of "Be afraid.  Be very afraid."  Germans were made to fear the Jews and what would happen to their country's identity, economy, wealth and government if the Jews were to gain too much power.

I truly think many German teenagers actually believed the threat of the Jews was not only real, but worth fighting for.  This is how Hitler brainwashed an entire nation.

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Hitler was very charismatic. The Germans were seduced by him-they truly believed that the Jews were nothing but a threat to the purity of the German race. The Germans believed this and were fearful of what the Jews would bring to the future. This is why they were so despised. Hitler placed Aryans at the top of the list of races and Jews, Gypsies, and Blacks at the bottom. This is how the Jews were portrayed by the Nazi's. They were seen as a menace to society. Children were even taught this in schools. People were basically brainwashed.

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My grandparents and parents were Holocaust survivors.  They often shared stories with me of the ways that the Jews were presented in speeches and on posters around the country. 

The Jews were presented as vermin and rats that were sucking the economy and giving nothing in return.  Pictures showing their prominent features such as dark eyes and hook noses were listed as being evidence of their inferiority to the Germans and other countries.   My mother recalled a poster of a Jewish woman with an extremely large nose and kinky hair having her legs parted under her dress and many rats crawling out.  The statement was "We must destroy the vermin before they reproduce and destroy us!"

In speeches they were also referred to as Christ killers who deserved to be punished for their evil sins.