How do Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig treat their workers at the party?

Expert Answers
holfie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fezziwig and his wife appear during Stave One, as Ebenezer is visiting scenes from his past.  Scrooge previously served as Fezziwig's apprentice.  It is clear that Fezziwig knows his business well, and that present-day Scrooge learned much from this apprenticeship.  Yet, what Scrooge is lacking, and what Fezziwig represents, is the balance between work and play.  At the party, Fezziwig treats his guests to food, lively singing, and dancing.  It is clear that, while Fezziwig has a good head for business, he also realizes the importance of treating his workers well and of celebrating life.

This example stands in direct contrast to the scene at Scrooge's office on Christmas Eve, which we have previously seen.  There, Scrooge counted his money while Bob Cratchit worked.  There was no party to be seen.  In Fezziwig's example, however, we see a glimpse of what Scrooge's life could be like, if he could find that balance.