How do Montag and Faber plan to save their society?

Expert Answers
Payal Khullar eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury describes an imaginary era where books are considered dangerous for the society. People don’t believe in reading books at all and pass their time watching useless television shows. Montag is one of the firemen who burn houses where people still keep books. Montag feels fine about his work for almost ten years, but in the company of a neighbor Clarisse, he begins to think very differently and even retreats from his job. He also tries to seek various questions regarding the historical origins of the practice of book burning. He secretly reads books and becomes a part of a group of clandestine book readers. He realises that absence of reading books is just creating a mindless, illiterate and powerless society, where people are not capable of free, rational thinking. He also understands that only books that can save the society from wars and destruction. This is when he feels uncomfortable about the way his society is functioning. He meets an English professor Faber, who enlightens him with his views on literature and books. They share the goal of salvaging the illiterate society consumed with senseless and useless entertainment. Montag goes to Faber’s house to get some help in printing books. There, they make a quick plan to bring awareness amongst the people and save the society. According to the plan, they will keep books in the houses of firemen and call the alarm. When people will discover books in the homes of the book burners, they will suspect their intentions and lose faith in the so-called protectors of the society. Faber, however, feels they should wait for the war to happen that will solve some of their problems. He gives Montag a radio device to remain connected with him.