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How do MNCs and INGOs impact the Global North and Global South divide?

MNCs and INGOs from the Global North play an increasingly significant role in the Global South. This has prompted controversy as to whether or not Northern MNCs and INGOs widen and reinforce a divide in development. For example, sometimes INGOs implement programs that create Southern reliance on Northern intervention, instead of helping Southern communities become self-reliant. MNCs also frequently underpay Southern workers and increase pollution. However, sometimes these organizations do meet critical needs by providing resources necessary to stimulate development.

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INGOS (international non-governmental organizations) aim to provide critical services around the world independent of government control. For example, the INGO "Save the Children" provides childcare and educational resources to developing communities or regions in crisis. The intent of such organizations is to provide free aid to people in need and it can be argued that they thus make a positive impact.

However, INGOs are frequently critiqued for providing unsustainable aid. For example, providing school workbooks to a school only allows the community to benefit until the workbooks are used up. Instead, providing...

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