How do Millenarian movements aspire to create social change?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the most fundamental concept of the Millenarial movement seeks to create social change by believing in the fervent hope of "getting it right."  The root cause of the Millenarial movement is the idea that there is a definite end being brought about by poor decisions and human transgressions.  Few Millenarial movements are content with the Status Quo.  The reason for the particular ending in question is presumed to be due to some transgressions, some need for change.  The need to repent or start anew is a major part of the Milleniarial movement.  By definition, this is an aspiration for social change.  It is not surprising that so many Christian Milleniarial movements are linked to Biblical proportions and so many are responsible for Utopian societies and configurations.  These reflect a desire to create social change, to make what is better as it moves to what should be.  The Milleniarial movement cannot be content with society as what is.  Rather, the movement seeks to create social change by emphasizing the idea of an end with a new beginning at hand.