How do the men react to Granny's asking them to stop filming in "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird" ?

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When Granny tells the men filming the yard that she does not want them to do so, the two men back out of the yard, but the camera man continues filming, even when she asks that they turn off the camera.

After Granny backs the men out of her yard, the one without the camera speaks to her in a patronizing tone, calling her "Aunty" and saying that they would like a statement from her. In short, they are completely disrespectful to Granny in with their intrusion upon private property, then in their refusal to leave and to stop filming, and most of all, by the one man's audacious assumption that Granny will give him "a statement."

It is not until Granddaddy Cain, who is "tall and quiet like a king," arrives that the camera man and the other finally leave. Even so, they sneak up behind him with the camera filming until the hawk comes darting and diving as it tries to free its mate that Granddaddy has nailed to the shed. Then, the camera man has to duck and twist to avoid contact with the bird. Finally, Granddaddy holds out his hand for the camera and crushes it, ending all issues. 

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