How do Max and Kevin communicate when they are together as one person instead of two in Freak the Mighty?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Max boosts Kevin atop his shoulders so he can get a better view of the fireworks display, he doesn't realize that he is creating a new persona. Kevin must have gotten the idea for the name from Blade, who addresses them as the "freak" and "that giant retard." Later, when Blade thinks he recognizes Max as the son of Killer Kane, Kevin declares their new "nine feet tall" creation as Freak the Mighty. The weight of Kevin's tiny body has little effect on Max, who can run at full speed when necessary with Kevin on board. As Freak the Mighty, the boys converse quite naturally--they are now in closer proximity to each other--but Kevin treats his new ride as a knight on horseback. He "grabs hold of my (Max's) hair to steady himself," and he "tugs on my hair" to relay "urgent" information. Kevin kicks with his left foot when he wants Max to turn left, "like he's digging into a horse," and he kicks with both feet when he wants to go straight. Kevin's "steering" actually helps Max to learn the difference between right and left, since he has always been "a little confused about rights and lefts." When Kevin declares, "Warp factor nine!", Max breaks into "a full gallop." Kevin does most of the talking--and thinking--when the boys confront Blade; Max is merely heard to "hiss... In a small voice." Max knows to trust Kevin's judgment, since "he must have a plan, a dude as smart as that." Riding two feet higher than the top of Max's head, Kevin also has a better view of the world, keeping an eye out for the dangers and "secret kingdoms" that may lie ahead.