How do Mark and Bryon get to the hospital to see his mom in That Was Then, This Is Now?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mark and Bryon hitch a ride to the hospital to see Bryon's mom.  They are picked up in a Volkswagen bus by "hippie with long hair and a beard".  The driver introduces himself as "Randy", and says that he is attending college in town, majoring in English.  Bryon entertains the thought that the guy must be "pretty brave".  Mark and Bryon are dressed, as usual, "like tough guys - the kind who go around jumping hippies", which they actually had done once before.  Bryon reflects that the attack hadn't turned out like they had thought it would however; the hippie, remaining true to his philosophy of nonviolence, had refused to fight back, and had endured a beating all the more brutal because he would not defend himself.  Remembering the incident makes both Bryon and Mark sick, and they have never again tried to beat up a hippie.

While Randy is driving the boys to the hospital, he tells them about "this really cool house where a bunch of his friends (live), an old house they all (rent) and everybody who want(s) to (can) live there and groove in peace and good will".  Bryon finds this rather unbelievable, but Mark is very interested, and asks Randy "all kinds of questions about where this place (is) and who all live(s) there".  Mark's curiosity is significant because it gives an intimation of the kind of activity he is engaging in to make money.  Bryon does not realize it at the time, but Mark is dealing drugs, and is interested in the potential customers he might find at a place like the one Randy is describing (Chapter 2).

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