How do I  make a speech and talk about preventing burglary at home?There has been an increase in the number of thieves in your area.  As the president of the Resident's Association of your...

How do I  make a speech and talk about preventing burglary at home?

There has been an increase in the number of thieves in your area.  As the president of the Resident's Association of your housing area, you have been asked to give a talk entitled "preventing burglary at home."  You have made the following notes:

Preventing burgalary at home

1) Install grilles-  If there are no grilles, lock doors and windows.

2) Install a home security alarm at home.

3) Be friendly with your neighbour and watch out for each other.

4) Inform your neighbour if you are going out of station.

5) If you can afford it, invest in a handphone.  Keep the handphone and emergency numbers by your bed.

6) Become active numbers in the resident's association.



*Introduce yourself.

*Mention the title of your talk an its purpose.

*Mention the main point and elaborate on them.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you have many strong points to begin a speech and a talk about preventing burglary in one's home.  There are a variety of approaches one can take in formulating the speech on such a topic.  I think that the first step would be to develop an introduction. This is where some decisions need to be made.  Do you want to introduce the topic through statistics that help to prove the relevancy of the topic?  Do you want to place the listener in a situation where they appreciate the topic's importance?  These are starting points that need to be answered in your introduction.  The next step would be to form the body of your speech which would consist of the points made behind each of the steps that one can take in safeguarding themselves.  I think that you might want to spend some time in making it clear why each step is independently essential to providing safety for one's home.  Finally, your conclusion might want to provoke some thought as opposed to merely rehashing what was developed in the body.  Perhaps, you could expand on the argument that the concept of a neighborhood is one where everyone is sort of dependent on everyone else.  There is little room to say, "It's not my problem."  If one house in a neighborhood is robbed, then everyone's interests are threatened because crime does not stop at one area or one border.  One person's challenge in a neighborhood becomes everyone's problem.  This might be a good concluding note in that it can help to bring out the universality of the topic.  I am not sure if the speech and talk are the same thing.  If the talk is different, perhaps reposting this question with some specifications as to what a talk, in your instructor's mind, consists would be a good start.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would begin by describing a burglary, or giving statistics about them.  Then introduce yourself, and list your points.  Discuss each point in turn, explaining why it is important.  For example, what is the effectiveness rating of the grills?  Use statistics about how burglaries dropped in neighborhoods where they were installed and so on.  Be sure to consider rebuttal points.  For example, you could add that some people think the grills are ugly, but in recent years they have gotten much more attractive. 

Once you are done explaining each point, return to your beginning hook.  Relate back to the story, such as saying the burglary could have been easily prevented.  Then restate your topic and relist your points.  Finally, conclude with a call to action or final thought related to your topic.

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