How do I write a persuasive speech about "fear"?

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Before I talk about your specific topic, I want to mention the beginning of  writing the persuasive speech.

The basic steps --A persuasive speaker must take a topic, choice a position, and support it with evidence.

If the topic is fear, this is a rather non-controversial topic.  Really, a persuasive topic should have at least two clear sides or opinions.  The speaker chooses one of the sides and tries to convince the audience to agree with his position.

Here are some examples of easy persuasive topics: gun control, death penalty, cloning, legalizing marijuana.  

Now, put the topic  into a question  that begins with the word:  Should.

Should all citizens be allowed to own and carry a gun?

Should the death penalty be continued as a punishment for violent crimes?

Should marijuana be legalized?

The speaker’s answer to the question will be the position that is supported in the speech.

For example:

All 21 year old citizens with a driver's license should be able to buy a gun. [Now that is a controversial statement!]_____________________________________________________

When I wrote my original oration for competition,  the oration did not have to be a persuasive speech.  One of my orations was about procrastination and the impact it has a person’s life. Not so controversial- more motivational and inspirational.

BUT—These are some of my thoughts about fear that might work for a persuasive speech.

Fear—the approach that might be the easiest is talking about irrational fear.  Fear that can cause a person harm or  the speaker could  convince the audience that the people should not have a fear about….

For example:

No one should fear snakes.

Fear, unexpressed, may cause an early death.

It is irrational to fear death.

Everyone should do at least one thing everyday that scares her.

Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it.

Fear is the natural state of civilized man.

Begin with the thesis that is the easiest to prove, select three or four areas to support the thesis, and find the evidence to support it.

Good luck!

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