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We love having new quizzes on eNotes! You can add yours by visiting the Quizzes area at this link, also found by clicking Study Tools in the header at the top of this page, then selecting Quizzes from the drop-down menu.

Next, on the quizzes homepage click on the blue button to the right that says "Create a Quiz." 

This will take you to a page to enter some descriptive information about the quiz you want to publish. Here you'll enter the quiz's title (the name you want everyone to see and click on), description, and topic(s) that it falls under. 

For example, your quiz might be called "The Hunger Games Chapter 1 Quiz" and you could search for the topic by typing in the title of the book, then selecting the correct topic from the search results. Selecting the right topic is important to helping others find the quiz you've created.

After you've completed this page, click the Next button at the bottom. On the next page that loads, you'll create your questions.

Add your questions one by one and their accompanying answers. You can have 2-4 possible answers per question, just make sure that you mark the correct answer for each question with the dot to its left (see the second image below). 

When you are done with your quiz, click Publish Quiz to have it go live in eNotes' quizzes section. If you are still working on your draft, click Save Quiz. You can find to it later when you return to the Create a Quiz page

I hope that helps! Have fun creating your first quiz and check out the pictures and links below for more tips.

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Click on the Quizzes tab on the top and then on your left, there should be a tag that says make a Quiz.