How could I create a poem using one word from each sentence of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"?

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Here is one suggestion that might help you with your assignment. Print out the full poem and set it before you. (You can access Poe's poem below in the eText link provided.) Then, get a pencil and draw a box around an interesting word that you like from each line. Read through the boxed words from top to bottom while writing them all down in order on a separate sheet of paper. If it sounds good, keep going until you have complete drawing boxes around one word per line. You could take a black marker and blacken out the other words that surround your boxed words, too, which will help you to visualize the poem that you are creating even better. This is called "redacted poetry." To redact something is to "frame" it. Which ever words don't work with what you have previously boxed, simply change your choices around. Hence, the reason for using a pencil first, though. Erase what you don't want to commit to and blacken out other words that you don't want. Write down all of the boxed words afterwards and see what you have created.

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