How do Laila and Mariam learn from each other in A Thousand Splendid Suns?

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As Rasheed's two wives, it's only natural that Miriam and Laila wouldn't want to be close at first. However, they share the same household and the same problems; rather than fighting, they learn to work together and to learn from each other's experiences and choices.

Laila teaches Miriam that there are better lives. Miriam married Rasheed when she had very little life experience and had never known a supportive family. Laila, on the other hand, had known both romantic and familial love in her life. She uses this to fuel her desire for a better life. She's able to convince Miriam that there can be something better for them and that they should run away to Pakistan together. Miriam isn't sure if this is the right course of action at first, but Laila's bravery and optimism convince her to get in the taxi with them.

Miriam teaches Laila about sacrifice. She knows about waiting and accepting what happens because of her marriage to Rasheed, where she was abused and degraded. Once she knows...

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