How do the law and government affect me?

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The law and the government do not always affect each person in the same way.  Some people are affected more and others less.  However, the law and government do affect us all in some common ways.

Most importantly, the law and government affect us by allowing us to live in a society where we are not related to most other people and we generally do not even know who they are.  Without law and government, we rely on the goodwill of others to keep us safe.  This is only possible in a small community where everyone is connected in some way.  In larger towns and cities, there is a need for law and government.  Law and government make sure (or at least make it much more likely) that other people will respect our right to our life, our liberty, and our property.  They protect us and allow us to live a relatively safe life.

The other side of this, however, is that the law and the government constrain our actions.  In return for government protecting our life, liberty, and property, we have to give up some of our freedom to act as we wish.  Government and law affect us all by limiting what we may and may not do.  Because of the government and the law, I cannot drive my car as fast as I wish.  I cannot dispose of my garbage by throwing it in a vacant lot.  I have to obey all of the laws the government lays down.  We are all affected in this way as well.

Finally, some of us are more affected than others by government.  Many people work for the government and thus owe their living to the government and the law.  Some people work in industries that are highly regulated by the government.  They have to be much more aware of the laws than other people do.  In these ways, the government and the laws affect us all in some similar ways, but there are also individual differences in the extent of these effects.