Kim Questions and Answers
by Rudyard Kipling

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How do the Lama and Kim's quests intertwine? Are they Symbolic? How do they mutually fulfill each others needs?

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On one level, the quests that Kim and Tenshoo Lama undergo are reflective of the need to find "something more."  Both of their quests intertwine because there is a fundamental dissatisfaction in the world around them.  For Kim, he is an orphan and estranged from any sort of connection to others.  Reflected in his skin tone, he is "the other," in the form of not being purely Indian and not being purely British.  Kim seeks to find some level of belonging in the world, reflective of how easily he moves between different cultural settings.  His lack of belonging to any of them is reflective of how he searches for longing, attachment of some kind.  Tenshoo Lama is searching to disconnect himself from said attachment.  His desire to find the Holy River and transcend the pain of samsara (continual rebirth) is what drives...

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