How do Koly and Hari bond in their first meeting in Homeless Bird?

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In Homeless Bird by Gloria Ann Whelan, Koly meets Hari for the first time on the day of their wedding, so we might say that they bond by getting married. Koly is only thirteen years old, and her parents have set up this union. Koly is surprised that Hari looks very frail when she sees him for the first time. She knows that he has been ill, but his parents said it was only the flu.

Koly moves in with her husband and his family, but she does not sleep with her husband because of his illness. Koly's new life is not pleasant, and she does a lot of chores around the house. When her mother-in-law leaves the house for a while, she tells Koly not to bother Hari. Koly, however, hears Hari cough, and she goes in to talk to him. He tells her that he doesn't have the flu; he has tuberculosis and will likely die soon.

The two talk about Hari's flower and bug collection, and Koly prepares a mixture of honey and ginger to help Hari's cough. It does help some, and Hari appreciates it. When Hari's mother comes home, she scolds Koly, but Hari wants Koly with him. The two seem to have bonded and are becoming friends, at least to a point, considering the situation.

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