How do Kenny and his family react to what happened at the church?

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In Chapter 15, we learn that each family member reacts to the bombing differently. Immediately following the bombing, Kenny's parents pack up and leave Birmingham. They don't tell Joey about what happened at the church, so she is fairly oblivious in those early days about the danger she narrowly escaped. Byron doesn't seem too fazed by the events, and their parents aren't overly worried about him. Momma and Dad spend a great deal of time talking about how to explain such a horrific event to their children. As they talk about it, their emotions range from anger to tears of grief. They are most concerned about Kenny, who has started "disappearing" for hours a day, and no one can figure out where he's going.

Kenny is actually spending time hiding behind the couch. This spot is the site of the World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital, and when he was younger, Kenny believed the place held magical powers to heal their injured pets, who would hide here with their injuries. Kenny thinks that the magic is taking a long time to find him, and he begins spending more and more time there, eventually even sleeping there.

It is Byron who eventually reaches his younger brother, and it is Byron who is there to comfort Kenny when he finally breaks and cries "for like two hundred hours" about everything that has happened.

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