How do the Kelveys respond to the doll's house?

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At first sight, the doll house dazed the Kelveys, especially Lil, who was utterly amazed.

“There it is,” said Kezia.

There was a pause. Lil breathed loudly, almost snorted; our Else was still as a stone.

Else was also impressed but did not show it until much later, when they were away from the Burnells' home.

Presently our Else nudged up close to her sister. But now she had forgotten the cross lady. She put out a finger and stroked her sister’s quill; she smiled her rare smile. “I seen the little lamp,” she said, softly.

Kezia really wanted the Kelveys to see the doll house and although she was not allowed to talk to them, she eventually asked them over against her parents orders. Lil tried to resist because she understood the Burnells were not to associate with the Kelveys, who came from a tough background. Else on the other hand wanted to see the house and so she coerced her sister to accept the offer. Kezia led them to the courtyard where the doll house was placed and opened up the front so the two girls could have a glimpse of the interior.


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