How do I keep track of my goals and say on top of what I need to do to be successfull?Please reply as soon as possible.

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marilynn07 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would consider making a list or action plan that includes a long term and several short term goals.

For each of your goals, ask 4 questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. Is what I am doing getting me what I want or where I want to go?
  3. If not, what can I do differently?
  4. How will I know what I am doing is working?

After you have asked the BIG questions, then you can set about making benchmarks or steps which will be your short-term goals that lead up to the one BIG goal in your life.

Make sure the benchmarks are attainable and related to your long-term goal.  One way to do this is to examine your long-term goal carefully and determine what you need to do in order to accomplish that goal. Break your long-term goal into doable steps.

Do you have to attend a special school or advanced vocational training?  Is there a special person who has knowledge that must be passed on to you verbally or directly through instruction? Do you have to take tests on proficiency or skills that must be passed in order to be certified? Do you need to join an association or union to be recognized?

Good luck.

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Write them down and prioritize them. For each goal, list some steps you need to take to reach it. Then look at your list every single day and do one thing, no matter how small, toward one of those goals. That's the process I follow. I revise my list of goals every New Year.

harryche | Student

You may want to check out, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and has time tracking. It's clear, focused, easy to navigate, worth a try.

epollock | Student


The best way to stay on top of your goals is to make challenging yet attainable goals, and separate them into three categories. make goals that are necessary for your personal life, family and friend's life, and professional life.

Then separate goals into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. If you find that you are achieving them, great.  If not, take a look at what you can do to either make them more realistic, or change what is necessary to obtain them 

krishna-agrawala | Student

One very important way to be successful is to not to think too much about being successful. Just concentrate on doing what you need to do - that is, do your duty.

When you speak of keeping track of your goals, you are on the right track. Being clear about your goal and focusing on them. This helps you to develop clarity on what you need to do. It also helps to keep you motivated in spite of failures and difficulties.

The most valuable asset of human beings is their brain. You can make best use of your brain by providing it with good raw material to work on - that is a lot of relevant information on all aspects of your work.

Having a confidence in yourself is also very important. But you need to differentiate between confidence and complacency.

Complacency may arise out of underestimation of difficulties likely to be faced or believing that you can a job without difficulty. True comes out of your determination to not to give up your attempts in spite of difficulties and failures.

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