How do Johnny and Pony disguise themselves in The Outsiders?

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Johnny and Pony try to disguise themselves by cutting their hair and purchasing peroxide to dye their hair blond.  They help each other by cutting each others hair.  The change in their physical makeup is significant as it goes further than just changing how they look, but takes away their identity in their gang "The Greasers" who were known for dark hair that was unkempt.

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In the book The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton, Johnny and Pony are trying to hide from the police following Johnny's stabbing of a Soc (Social) as he is trying to protect Pony Boy.  The two purchase dye (peroxide) from the store and attempt to bleach out their hair.  They also cut one another’s hair.  Pony Boy's hair turns out much lighter than Johnny's hair.  Dally later makes a joke with Pony Boy about his hair.  Dyeing and cutting their hair was significant for the boys who were known as "greasers."  It was their gang name and hair was a representation of their belonging to the gang.