How do Jack and others react to Ralph's tongue lashing in Lord of the Flies?when Jack and Ralph have an argument, how do others react to it?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack and Ralph have several  arguments throughout the course of novel.  One of their first, extremely awkward moments is when Jack interrupts Piggy and discredits the conch in chapter six, and Ralph tells him coolly to sit down and be quiet.  In this scene, the boys watch quietly, waiting apprehensively to see what will happen between the two.  The narrator remarks that it was so quiet that the "silence grew oppressive" (102).  Later, in other Jack and Ralph arguments, the boys respond very much in the same way--waiting, watching, and listening.  None of them want to intervene in the arguments, and all of the boys want to see the outcome; they are transfixed to see Jack test the limits of law and order against Ralph and wonder curiously just how far he will go. 

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