How do I interpret tables to graphs?It has something to do with coordinate pairs.

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schwangmath eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your table has two columns.  The first column represents the x values, and the second column represents the y values.  

     For example:      









1)  Group each pair to form (x, y) pairs.   (0, 2) (2, 4) (4, 8)

2)  Graph each ordered pair on the coordinate plane.  X-coordinate determines direction right or left, and y-coordinate deterines direction up or down.  For example, to graph (0, 2) begin at center - origin- where x axis and y axis meet and do not go left or right then go up 2.  Similarly, for (2, 4) start at the origin and move right 2 and up 4.

3) After all ordered pairs are graphed use a ruler or other straight edge to connect the points.


elekzy | Student

In ploting a graph from a table, the x values are compared with the y values. For example, if x=0,1,2 and y=2,4,6,

in ploting this, you look for the x and y points in pairs, that is (x,y)

~ (0,2) (1,4) (2,6) .Make a poit or a star where each of the points meet, then join the dots forming the graph of the data.

I hope this helped.