How do I make my computer work faster?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The speed of your computer is dependent on the hardware it has. This includes the speed of the processor, number of processors, amount of RAM, type of operating system, etc. The newer processors have more processing power compared to older ones. The more the number of processors, higher is the speed, etc. One way to increase the speed of your computer is by disabling all the background processes that are not in use. In Windows-based systems, task manager can help you with that. Running older versions of software also helps. For example, Windows 10 requires much more hard drive space, processing capacity and RAM as compared to say, Windows XP. Many people also have multiple anti-virus packages installed. A number of times, when we download something or install a program, a number of other programs (such as a toolbar or anti virus scanner, etc.) also get installed. Try to find all such programs and uninstall them to save on the processing power of your computer. One can also try to upgrade the system hardware, an especially easy thing to do with desktops. One can also try Windows tools (or similar applications) such as 'disk cleanup' to remove extra files that are of no use and delete them.

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vnessawong21 | Student

The speed of how fast your computer can run is all determined by the specs that the computer has. First, you would want to check if your computer has any background applications that may slow down what you're doing. If you are on Windows 10, this can be checked by going into the Task Manager and checking "Background Processes". If you have an earlier version of Windows or a different operating system, I highly recommend you google a way to find out background applications that are on. If your computer is still slow after turning off background applications, I recommend upgrading your system. If you are using a laptop that cannot take upgraded parts, I recommend buying a new laptop. If you do not have money to upgrade your system, there are cheap alternative ways to accessing a fast computer. Local libraries and internet cafes all have computers that you can access for a small price. 

I hope these tips have helped you a bit.

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