How do I make an analysis of "Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies" (1937) by Edna Millay? What does she mean in this poem?

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In order to analyze the poem, a good place to begin is by figuring out what you think its point is. What do you believe the poet wants us to understand? I think Millay attempts to redefine childhood, suggesting that it isn't about how old one is but, rather, is about whether or not one has lost a person who truly matters to them to death: someone really crucial to one's life, like a parent.

It sounds as though the speaker has watched one of their parents decline—their "self" already gone. The speaker tried, perhaps, to tempt them with raspberry jam, to cajole them back to life, but it didn't work. This experience, the speaker seems to claim, is what ends one's childhood.

This poem begins with a metaphor

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