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How do I approach critiquing someone's creative writing?

A few elements of writing to consider while critiquing creative pieces include purpose, clarity, voice, style, and grammar. These should all be optimized to make the most of the writer's personal style, while making sure that the writing adheres to standard rules of grammar and syntax. Nothing should detract from a reader's understanding of the text.

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That is a great question and one that even professors of literature debate. I'd say that these are elements of writing that should receive some feedback:

Purpose: A writer's purpose should be a primary consideration. What did he hope to accomplish with this piece? How effectively is that message conveyed? Does the form support this purpose? Consider a student who has written a poem about death. Does her use of iambic pentameter support her intended purpose, or does it detract from it? Does the use of free verse seem elementary, or is her purpose strengthened because of that choice?

Clarity: Where are the holes?...

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