How do humans increase the amount of erosion?

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jking22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To understand how humans increase erosion, lets first define what erosion is. Erosion occurs when forces act to wear away the earth, moving material from one spot to another. Some examples of processes that can create erosion are ice, water, and wind. Recently, scientists have proposed that humans are responsible for expediting this process at a pace at least 10 times quicker than nature alone. One way that humans are increasing erosion is through farming and agriculture. Many times, trees and forests are cut down to create fields to grow crops. This leaves soil more exposed to wind and rain, increasing the chance for erosion to occur. Similarly, construction can lead to increased erosion as well. Construction removes and relocates soil at a rate much higher than any other natural process. This loose soil is then more likely to be washed away by rain water leading to further expedited erosion as well. Hope this helps!   

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