How do human activities affect erosion?

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Human activities affect erosion, both positively as well as negatively. That is, they may either advance or prevent erosion. An example of advancing erosion is deforestation. Removal of plants, trees, etc., causes soil to become loose so it is easily moved by erosion agents (such as water, wind, etc.). On the other hand, afforestation or planting of trees helps prevent erosion by holding the soil in place.

Similarly, overgrazing by cattle exposes the soil to winds and sun and increases the erosion. Changes in farming practices, such as use of contour ploughing decreases the erosion.

Climate change, for which human beings are significantly responsible, is also expected to increase rates of erosion. Another activity that advances erosion is rapid urbanization activities including road construction, ground clearing, excavation, etc., which all increase erosion. 

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