How to graph the line represented by: y=4/3x - 5  ?

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lemjay eNotes educator| Certified Educator


The equation above is in slope intercept form. We may use its y-intercept and slope to graph since it is readily given.

The y-intercept is the constant -5. In (x,y) form, it is represented by the point (0,-5).

The slope of line is the number beside the variable x which is 4/3. Let's use this to determine the second point.

Since the slope is positive,the second point then is 4 units up and 3 units right from (0,5). So, it is (3,-1).  

Note that for linear equation, we only need at least two points to graph.

So, connect the points with a straight line. Then, extend both ends.

Hence, the graph of `y=4/3x-5` is:

Wiggin42 | Student

y=4/3x - 5

This is an equation with slope 4/3 and a y-intercept of -5. 

Start at point (0, -5) and apply "rise over run". Go four spaces up and three spaces to the right. This is your second point. Draw a straight line between these two points.