The White Deer Questions and Answers
by James Thurber

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How do I get whitetail bucks to come to my corn bait pile?? I have a deer camera over my pile and during the rut in early November i got many bucks on my camera.  However all at night.  I am wondering how to get them to come in now during December now that the rut is over.  I would think they would need food like the does do because the same family of 3 does comes every single day but no bucks.  Can you help me?

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Since deer mark their territory, especially during the rut, you may have to move your corn pile.  Obviously, the doe will still come around because they're not scared by a male deer marking his territory.  The fact that you can't get any bucks around probably means that the deer you were seeing in November were marking their territory.  The others aren't going to come back around because they don't want to go on another guy's turf.  Also, are there other animals who are eating the corn?  This, too, could affect whether or not the bucks are coming in.  If they feel at all threatened, especially with it being hunting season, they are going to be hiding out and not so out in the open, especially since mating season is over.  Good luck!

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htbreece | Student

You may not get many pictures depending where you are set up at. Early in the rut when it first starts I only get my buck pictures at night. But when the rut kicks in and in the middle of the rut you should start getting pictures of bucks on your trail camera during the day. I dont know where you have your corn and camera set up at but. If you have it on the edge of a field around late October early Novemebr that could be your problem. That time the deer seem to be in the woods more because of all the acorns dropping. They would prefer to stay in the woods more "hidden" and eating acorns that they love instead of feeding out in the field. But then later in December and Janurary they like to be out in the fields feeding. They love to be out in the food plots. They will eat out there like crazy. Hope it helps.

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