Where can I get study guides for Gary Schmidt's The Wednesday Wars?These guides would be helpfl in teaching the novel to a group of eigth graders.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

eNotes offers excellent study guides for a good many works of literature including Gary Schmidt's The Wednesday Wars. There are several categories of study guides, most of which accompany most titles. The first is introductory material that gives background on the work, such as the genre and any striking points about or controversies surrounding the work. For instance, the Introduction to The Wednesday Wars elaborates on Schmidt's stylistic mix of reality and the slightly fantastic.

The Study Guides also provide biographical information for the author of the title. For instance, the biography for Gary Schmidt provides the enlightening information that, though Baptist in religious preference, he attended a school that was mostly Catholic and Jewish at which he was isolated, recalling the isolation of Holling, and that he came of age during the Viet Nam War era, as did Holling. The characters of a work are listed and described in another Study Guide and sometimes given expanded analytical detail in another.

Summary Study Guides are provided too, also sometimes with expanded analytical detail. In addition, Study Guides covering setting, style, themes are also provided, although not all titles have all Study Guides. For instance, the Guide for Style is omitted for The Wednesday Wars but Setting and Themes are covered. To round off the offerings, Critical Overviews are provided, as is true for this title. Some titles have extra Study Guides such as Critical Essays and Discussion Questions, but not all titles have these.

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