How can I get out of a timeshare contract ?i cancelled on the 6th day when it should have been before the 5th day .

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When it comes to contracts, it all depends on what they say.  You can write a contract for nearly anything, and as long as both parties sign it, it is a binding agreement (providing it is for nothing illegal).  So here you'll have to read the fine print.  What does the contract say?  Is it only until the 5th day, period?  Can you cancel after that with a penalty incurred? What does state law say?

You also didn't mention if you put any money down on the contract or if you have made any payments yet, or obtained financing for it.  This can complicate matters.  Since you are only one day past the cancellation date, you could just call the company and explain your situation, and the reasons why you changed your mind, and ask them to honor the cancellation even though it is one day past the deadline.  After all, 5 days is a pretty short timeline. 30 days is more of an industry standard.

If we are talking about a substantial amount of money you would be on the hook for and the company just won't budge, consult an attorney and take them the contract, so they can explain your options fully in the state where you live.  Good luck!